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Tropical Manicure

Treat yourself to our luxurious spa manicure with exotic botanical extracts, rare tropical oils, in our exclusive formulations, specially designed to reveal softer, smoother, more supple hands and younger-looking skin.

Start with a therapeutic soak, and move onto an exfoliating, hydrating scrub.  Pamper yourself with our unique cuticle treatment and finish with a nourishing and moisturizing lotion.

Transform an ordinary manicure into an extraordinary spa experience.


Onolicious Fizzy Hydrotherapy Soak
Try this concentrated treatment for a spa manicure or use as a decadent full-body treatment.  Our effervescent soak, with natural AHAs, is specially formulated for revitalized, smoother, younger-looking skin by increasing the rate of cell renewal.  We've added antioxidant green tea extract to defend your skin against damaging UV rays and free radicals that harm skin's cells and cause signs of aging.  We also include skin-softening milk protein and our irresistible coco-mango fragrance.

Available in 12 oz jars, with a scoop, $9.00    Order

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Onolicious Sugar Body Polish
A rejuvenating tropical vacation for your skin features pure, natural sugar crystals blended with hypoallergenic grapeseed oil, Vitamin E, and the scent of juicy, mouth-watering mango perfectly blended with smooth, creamy coconut. Massage onto wet skin to gently exfoliate and reveal smoother, softer hands.

Available in 5.5 oz jars, $14.00 and 16 oz jars, $35.00    Order

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Onolicious Cuticle Balm
We've improved our formulation, and the result is getting great reviews!  This new cuticle balm is a nourishing blend of mango oil, papaya oil, tangerine butter, Monoi de Tahiti, passionfruit seed oil, shea butter, banana extract, and our popular coco-mango Onolicious scent.  Brush on to pamper and soothe your cuticles with the pen-style applicator, and discover for yourself what all the fuss is about!

Available in 2 ml pen, $10.50  Order

Onolicious Massage Lotion
Complete your manicure experience with a sensuous, nourishing massage using our protein-rich hemp oil hand and body lotion.  The only way to understand the delicious synchronicity of this scent is to try it.  One customer told us "This is the fragrance I've been searching for my whole life!"  And this may be the lotion you've been looking for, in a fragrance you'll wonder how you lived without! 88% Organic and Paraben-free!!

Available in 2.2 fl oz bottles, $7.50 and 8.5 fl oz bottles, $19.00    Order

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Onolicious Tropical Manicure Collection
Get our whole collection and save 15%! The perfect accessory for your next Girlfriends' Night, a weekend away, or a pampering gift for your favorite hard-working hands.  Includes everything you'll need for beautiful, smooth, grab-the-brass-ring hands:  a jar of Onolicious Fizzy Hydrotherapy Soak, 5.5 oz jar of Onolicious Body Polish, 2.2 oz bottle of Onolicious Massage Lotion, and an Onolicious cuticle pen!

All this and a discount, too...  $38.00 (over $45 value) Order

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Onolicious Tropical Spa Manicure

Onolicious Fizzy Hydrotherapy Soak   Onolicious Scrub, 5.5 oz
Onolicious Lotion, 2.2 oz
Onolicious Scrub, 16 oz
Onolicious Lotion, 8.5 oz
Onolicious Tropical Manicure Collection
Onolicious Cuticle Balm
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