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South Pacific Collection South Pacific Collection
Allow us to let you in on a traditional Tahitian beauty secret:  Monoi de Tahiti.

Used by Polynesian women for thousands of years, this luxurious oil is one of the best things that ever happened to skin.  We use only genuine, imported Monoi de Tahiti, naturally scented with tiare, Tahitian Gardenia.  Not only is this light, natural fragrance heavenly, but the moisturizing and skin-nourishing properties are second to none!

Goddess Creme, with pure Monoi de Tahiti

Do you need a tropical escape, like, right now?  Maybe a few moments of pure olfactory ecstasy?  Take your skin on a trip to South Pacific bliss.  Pure, exotic Monoi de Tahiti gives our intense body crème the unequaled naturally sensual scent of Tahitian gardenia.  This concentrated skin treatment combines emollient oils and natural butters into a heavenly concoction.

Key Ingredients:  Genuine Monoi de Tahiti, Mango Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Vitamin E.   Paraben-free

2.5 ounce jar, $19.99 Order Goddess Creme

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Goddess Body Creme with Monoi de Tahiti

Goddess Lotion with Monoi de Tahiti
Goddess Lotion, with pure Monoi de Tahiti and Neroli hydrosol

Goddess Lotion is an exquisite hand & body lotion made with imported Monoi de Tahiti and pure Neroli (orange blossom) hydrosol, distilled from hand-gathered blossoms.  Neroli is used in aromatherapy for its soothing effect and is known for its refreshing, spicy sweet scent; it balances and blends flawlessly with the seductive tropical floral scent of tiare.  Completely hand blended in small batches, this decadent potion is naturally fragranced with the delicate scent of Tahitian gardenia and orange blossom and provides nourishment for radiant, healthy skin.

Now available in a convenient one ounce travel size!  A great way to try out this fabulous lotion.

8.5 ounce bottle, $42.50 
1 ounce bottle, $9.75 
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Goddess Lotion with Monoi de Tahiti
NEW Organic Polynesian Hair Treatment, with Virgin Coconut Oil 

The beautiful, natural coconut scent virtually whispers 𠇎xotic tropical island” while the oil works its magic. Coconut oil has been used in many cultures as a daily hair treatment for thousands of years. Studies have shown that coconut oil penetrates the hair shaft, providing essential moisture, relieving dryness and reducing protein loss.  You'll see and feel glossier, silky hair with a healthy bounce. 

Our USDA certified organic virgin coconut oil is made from the finest, hand-selected fresh coconuts.  Produced carefully without chemicals or high heat, this luxurious oil has naturally high protein and antioxidant levels. 

While you could actually eat this decadent oil, we recommend using it as a pre-wash or conditioning hair treatment.  Take your head on a vacation and see what a difference it makes! 

4.3 ounce jar, $15.00, Order Polynesian Hair Treatment

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Soie de TahitiTM
silken body oil

Slip into something comfortable, but be warned.
This regenerative and moisturizing body oil features the exotic, addictive scent of Monoi de Tahiti and the penetrating nourishment of Passionfruit Seed Oil.  Our exclusive formulation, inspired by rich Polynesian culture and precious traditional ingredients, combines a unique modern delivery with the dangerously sensual afterglow of seductive fragrance.  Smooth the oil over your skin, like fluid silk, and be transported.  This distinctive body oil offers discriminating beauty and spa enthusiasts a combination of nourishing natural ingredients with the soul-stirring fragrance of Tahitian gardenia.

2 ounce bottle, $24.99 Order Soie de Tahiti


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Our South Pacific Beauty Oil was among the top finalists in the 2003 international formulation competition, conducted by the Institut du Monoï de Tahiti, in France. We're so proud!! 

South Pacific Tropical Beauty Oil
Exotic bath, body, and massage oil
We take Monoi de Tahiti and combine it with the most moisturizing and nourishing exotic oils in the Pacific.  The seductive fragrance of Tahitian gardenia in our Monoi de Tahiti, along with kukui nut oil, macadamia nut oil,  virgin coconut oil, and vitamin E make up this versatile oil.  Use it directly on your skin after a bath or shower, add a few drops to your bath, or try it for massage.  Some of our customers use it as a light, exotic perfume.  A little goes a long way!

As those not on a tropical island may have noticed, our fabulous oil naturally solidifies in cool climates.  Just place the container in hot water to liquefy.  We offer a choice of either bottles (for squeezing) or jars (for scooping).

4 ounce Bottle, $18.50
4 ounce Jar, $19.90

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Tahitian Body Wrap Treatment

The luxury of exclusive, tropical spas comes home.  Pamper yourself with this exotic body treatment formulated with detoxifying Dead Sea mud, authentic Monoi de Tahiti, and therapeutic honey.  Use as a face mask or full-body treatment. 

Dead Sea mud has been known for millennia for its intense detoxifying, anti-aging, and remineralizing properties.  Since before Cleopatra had her own private spa at the Dead Sea, people have sought the healing properties of this unique and stimulating therapy.  We add pure Monoi de Tahiti for its irresistible scent and soothing emollient properties.  Honey is an ancient skin-care remedy that binds this decadent treatment, adding restorative and anti-oxidant benefits. You emerge from this treatment deeply moisturized, renewed and glowing with increased circulation.

7.7 ounce jar, $19.00 Order

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South Pacific Soap
Starting with the highest quality vegetable-based glycerin soap, we add as much Monoi de Tahiti as the soap can hold.  The result is a heavenly scented bar of deliciously moisturizing soap.  Don't expect big, fluffy lather from this oil-rich bar, but do plan on exquisitely fragrant cleansing.  If this doesn't start your day with a smile, nothing will! 

$8.00  Order

South Pacific Massage Bar
All the fabulous qualities of our cocoa butter massage bars with the addition of Monoi de Tahiti.  And who says you have to share it?
This bar makes a great moisturizer, as well as being wonderful for massage.  Softness never smelled so good!

$9.00   Order

South Pacific Fizzy Hydrotherapy Bath Powder
Take the plunge!  This effervescent bath will leave you with the most deliciously silky, lightly scented skin you could imagine.  The bath salts help ease your aches and pains, and the fragrance might (temporarily) ease the pain of not being in Tahiti.  Add a few scoops of our fizzy bath powder to your tub, and it dissolves innocently as you soak up its magical power. 

14 ounce jar, $12.00 Order

Ooh La La Tahitian Sugar Scrub
This is the queen of all bath products!  Clean, exfoliate, and moisturize in one tantalizing step!  Sugar gently polishes and exfoliates your skin while Monoi de Tahiti moisturizes and leaves just a trace of its soft scent on your skin.  The pure glycerin soap helps to clean away the excess oil.  This thick, luxurious scrub is gentle enough to use on your face!  The only drawback?  You might not ever get out of the shower!

5.25 ounce jar, $15.00 Order

More sugar scrubs?  Right this way.

Tiare Pommade for Hair and Body

Monoi de Tahiti has finally gone to our heads. Give your thick, wavy, or curly hair shine and bounce and surround yourself with the irresistible scent of Tahitian gardenia.

The moisturizing and emollient properties of Monoi are time (and lab) tested and proven, but we crank it up a notch by combining Monoi's conditioning and reparative elements with shea butter, organic virgin coconut oil, and cocoa butter.  Your skin will love it, too!  (Not intended for fine hair.)

1.4 ounce jar, $10.50 Order

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magnified images of hair from
scientific studies conducted in France
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South Pacific Tropical Beauty Oil, jar
South Pacific Tropical Beauty Oil, bottle

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Polynesian Hair Treatment
The name, Monoï de Tahiti, is protected and officially registered by the Tahitian government, using the Appellation d'Origin, a guarantee of authenticity and quality. This seal is reserved for "products manufactured in French Polynesia in accordance with the local uses, faithful and constant, by an original polynesian Gardenia Tahitensis flowers, called "Tiare," soaking in refined coprah oil." (cf Official Daily of French Republic, 1992).  Wild Woozle Soap Company uses only genuine, imported Monoï de Tahiti.