88 varieties of hedonism.
That breaks down to 16 parts indulgence,
25 parts pampering and 47 parts sheer, unadulterated bliss.
Mix them all together, and you get Wild Woozle body treatments, scrubs, lotions, soaps, massage bars, bath fizzies, & massage oils -- hand-crafted tropical spa products to relax, renew, and rejuvinate you.
We'll take you there.TM
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Infused with the allure of the islands

Untamed, curly, and sensual or
Smooth and sophisticated...
Low maintenance, natural beauty or
Groomed femme fatale...
We've got your potion!

Spa Shampoo & Body Wash
The Line forms here for Exotic and Luxurious Pampering

Spa-quality shampoo and luxurious body wash come together for an exclusive, double-duty cleansing gel.  Transform your shower or bath into a fragrant hydrotherapy treatment escape, an aromatherapy ritual that's worth getting out of bed for.  This select cleanser is enriched with protective antioxidants and moisturizing additives like wheat and oat proteins, Pro-vitamin B, organic and nourishing herbal extracts, including hibiscus, green tea, pomegranate, honey, blue green algae and nettle leaf.  Add a little luxury to your necessities.

Available in 8.5 ounces (246 ml), $19.00
Choose from fragrances listed and order below.

Jasmine Lei:  This elegant fragrance is a lush blend of Hawai`ian jasmine, sweet gardenia and wild frangipani--the essence of romance and serenity. The exotic scent will transport you to your own secluded beach.  We won't tell if you linger or bring a little company.  Order Cleanser
                Pair this with our Pikake Body Butter, for a serious aphrodisiac combo.

Chocolate Orchid: Give into chocolate temptation, with no strings attached.  Smooth and totally decadent, our luscious blend of dark chocolate liquor and seductive vanilla orchid is sweet and sensuous, yet thankfully guilt-free.  Every chocolate lover's dream!  Order Cleanser

Papaya Passionfruit: Exotic, sweet, and fresh as early morning breakfast on the beach.  Bright and juicy, with an undercurrent of primal pleasure.  As the sun rises over the ocean, our mouthwatering, tropical fruity blend will infuse your day with pure aloha.  Order Cleanser

Ile Pacifique:  Restore and nourish your skin with our exclusive tropical fragrance blend, designed for ultimate relaxation and soothing.  An oasis of warm island breezes, rich with Tahitian vanilla bean, ripe bananas, creamy coconut, and a hint of tropical flowers.  Sweet, warm, and exotic.   Order Cleanser
                Pair this with our ile pacifique body butter, for a head to toe tropical experience.

Harmony: Our spicy blend of mandarin, patchouli, and lemongrass is sensuous and alluring, yet balanced and grounded.  You'll find that this sophisticated and mysterious fragrance is deeply calming.   Order Cleanser

Margarita: Our refreshingly perfect, sparkling lime cocktail is slightly salty, juicy fresh, and energizing.  Start your day with the tart sweetness of this sassy citrus blend.  No I.D. required!  Order Cleanser
                There's also our Lime Margarita Soap so you never have to be without this perky scent.  Or try our fabulous Margarita Beach Spa Pedicure Collection!

Cupcake: Now you can revel in sugary goodness from head to toe with a decadently sweet treat and make everyday a celebration with sugar-frosted vanilla sweetness. Blow out the candles, eat all the frosting roses, and party 'til the cows come home!   It's all about layering with our popular "It's-all-about-me-and everyday-is-My-Birthday" scent.   Order Cleanser
                Celebrate with Cupcake lotion, bath fizzy, and sugar scrub

Kailua Breeze: Treat yourself from head to toe with a non-stop, direct flight to warm, fragrant breezes, rich with wild Hawai`ian tuberose. Exotic, seductive, and without the long lines at security.  Our best-selling Kailua Breeze lotion is a great travel partner, by the way.   Order Cleanser
            Don't forget to bring along our Kailua Breeze Tropical Soap

Baby Woozle Wash, from the Baby Woozle Collection  Looking for a gentle and natural baby cleanser?  Pamper your baby with this!

8.5 ounces (246 ml)  
Chocolate Orchid Ile Pacifique
Cupcake Kailua Breeze
Harmony Margarita
Jasmine Lei Papaya Passionfruit
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Organic Polynesian Hair Treatment
with Virgin Coconut Oil

The beautiful, natural coconut scent virtually whispers "exotic tropical island" while the oil works its magic. Coconut oil has been used in many cultures as a daily hair treatment for thousands of years.  Studies have shown that coconut oil penetrates the hair shaft, providing essential moisture, relieving dryness and reducing protein loss.  You'll see and feel glossier, silky hair with a healthy bounce.

Our USDA certified organic virgin coconut oil is made from the finest, hand-selected fresh coconuts. Produced carefully without chemicals or high heat, this luxurious oil has naturally high protein and antioxidant levels.

While you could actually eat this decadent oil, we recommend using it as a pre-wash or conditioning hair treatment.  Take your head on a vacation and see what a difference it makes!

By the way, if you live somewhere where the temperature is above 76 F, this lovely oil will be liquid instead of semi-solid.  Keep that in mind when you open the jar quickly!

4.3 ounce jar, $15.00

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Virgin Coconut Oil Organic Polynesian Hair Treatment


Tiare Pommade for Hair and Body

Monoi de Tahiti has finally gone to our heads. Give your thick, wavy, or curly hair shine and bounce and surround yourself with the irresistible scent of Tahitian gardenia.

The moisturizing and emollient properties of Monoi are time (and lab) tested and proven, but we crank it up a notch by combining Monoi's conditioning and reparative elements with shea butter, organic virgin coconut oil, and cocoa butter.  Your skin will love it, too!  (Not intended for fine hair.)

1.4 ounce jar, $10.50

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Temporarily Out of Stock

Butter & Shine Hair Serum

Does your ocean and sun-fried hair need help?  Or do you just wanna give your curls some attitude?  Our new hair serum is loaded with goodies to nourish your hair, add tons of shine, and enhance curls:  papaya seed oil, rice bran oil, mango butter, coconut oil, tons of shine, and our sweet papaya and sassy grapefruit Surfer Chick fragrance.  Beautiful!

1 oz pump, $12.75

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Detangling Spray for Unruly Manes 
Proteins and botanicals for true conditioning

Developed for an elite equestrian organization for both riders and their horses (really!), our detangler and conditioner offers control and alcohol-free grooming for superb manageability. For both horses and humans. Really. This essential treatment seals in moisture and adds suppleness, shine, and elasticity. Enriched with protein, Panthenol, botanical extracts, and a relaxing all natural scent, it will tame your hair beautifully.  If you can get it back from your horse!  95% Organic

Available in 12 oz bottles, $19.75