88 varieties of hedonism.
That breaks down to 16 parts indulgence,
25 parts pampering and 47 parts sheer, unadulterated bliss.
Mix them all together, and you get Wild Woozle body treatments, scrubs, lotions, soaps, massage bars, bath fizzies, & massage oils -- hand-crafted tropical spa products to relax, renew, and rejuvinate you.
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Fizzy Hydrotherapy Bath Powder TM
Effervescent Attitude Adjustment

Think of them as bath bombs with no boundaries.  Customized, scented, liquid tranquility.  With more than three bath bombs' worth of fizzy in each jar, you can use as much, or as little as you want.

Leave your baggage outside the bathroom door.  Add a few scoops of our fizzy bath powder to your tub, and it dissolves innocently as you soak up its magical power. Oils and baths salts will soothe your skin and tired muscles while dried flower, herbs, essential oils and luscious perfumes provide therapy for your mind. Repeat as needed.

10 -14  ounce (weight) jar with scoop, $12.00

After Yoga   Hawai'ian Honey   Tahiti Rose
Chocolate Decadence Love Notes You're the Bomb
Chocolate Mint Truffle Margarita Vanilla Chai
Coconut Lime Mimosa Spa Vanilla Silk
Cupcake Onolicious
Fizzy Kiss South Pacific Mineral Salts


Coconut Lime Milk Soak
Our perfect blend of sweet, creamy coconut with just the right splash of tart, juicy lime brings a tropical party right to your bath!  Start your spa adventure with a effervescent hydrotherapy soak in our luxurious, coconut milk concoction.  Sugar cane extract and pure coconut milk create a tropical moisture bath that softens skin with natural alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), encouraging cellular renewal and smooth tootsies, while Epsom salts detox and revitalize tired, aching muscles.  $12.00
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See more of our Coconut Lime Spa Collection.

Coconut Lime Spa Collection

Margarita Fizzy Foot Soak
Pull up a beach chair and soak your feet in our effervescent hydrotherapy.  The natural alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) in this sassy soak work to encourage smoother skin by increasing the rate of cell renewal. We include Epsom salts, skin-softening milk protein, anti-septic and anti-bacterial essential oils, and a juicy fragrance to refresh, soften, and deodorize your tired tootsies. Order bath powder

Margarita Beach Spa Pedicure
See our Margarita Beach Spa Pedicure collection here.

South Pacific
Take the plunge!  Another fabulous bath with Monoi de Tahiti to leave you with the most deliciously silky, lightly scented skin you could imagine.  The bath salts help ease your aches and pains, and the fragrance of Tahitian gardenia might (temporarily) ease the pain of not being in Tahiti.    Order bath powder

Need another dose of this addictive fragrance?
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We use only genuine Monoi de Tahiti
We're proud to use only pure, genuine Monoi de Tahiti bearing the official French Polynesian certification.

 Chocolate Love Notes
The beginning of a beautiful relationship:  a sensuous soak in organic hot chocolate with pure lavender oil for deep relaxation.  If that's not enough by itself, we add pink Himalayan salts, oatmeal powder, and natural botanical extracts for soft touchable skin.  This sweet treat-ment includes milk protein along with sugarcane and green tea extracts to soften and condition your skin.  The natural alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) in this unique soak have been shown to encourage smoother, younger looking skin by increasing the rate of cell renewal. 
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Hawai'ian Honey Bath
Dip yourself into the comfort of a warm exotic honey bath.  Sweet honey and skin-softening organic milk soothe tension and relieve dry skin while Epsom salts soak away aches and pains. The unique moisturizing and healing properties of honey are put to good use in this soothing soak.  Honey is naturally anti-bacterial, making it a great choice for troubled skin.  Natural alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) in honey help slough off dry skin to reveal glowing, healthy, smooth skin.  Like other humectants, honey helps your skin stay hydrated, smoothing dry, wrinkled skin and helping to keep it supple.
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Hawaiian Honey Bath

You're the Bomb
This is the straight stuff: pure lavender essential oil with nothing else to distract you from your relaxation.  Lavender, one of the best known aromatherapy oils, is used to ease insomnia and reduce stress, leaving your feeling restored and relaxed. This multi-faceted oil has also been used to reduce irritation and inflammation and to promote healing.  This effervescent soak is calming and soothing for both your skin and your psyche.  Order bath powder
Vanilla Silk
Very grown-up, very sensuous. Treat yourself or someone special to a stress-relieving ritual of rich vanilla and a spicy hint of nutmeg.  Use our soothing organic milk bath to help you set aside the To Do list. Did we mention that vanilla is often considered an aphrodisiac?  Hmmmm...
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Tahiti Rose
This isn't a bath; it's a life-changing experience. Delicious Tahitian gardenia-scented Monoi de Tahiti makes up the core of this bomb, and then we pack it with rose petals and dried lavender buds. Soaking in a lovely tropical bath of flower petals. You'll never be the same.  See the rest of our South Pacific line!
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Chocolate Decadence with organic cocoa butter!
Slip into our deep chocolate bath for an indulgent spa soak. Cocoa butter is a super moisturizer that softens and renews your skin while you give in to your chocolate desire, with no strings attached. Order bath powder
Try this concentrated treatment for a spa manicure or use as a decadent full-body treatment.  Our effervescent soak, with natural AHAs, is specially formulated for revitalized, smoother, younger-looking skin by increasing the rate of cell renewal.  We've added antioxidant green tea extract to defend your skin against damaging UV rays and free radicals that harm skin's cells and cause signs of aging.  We also include skin-softening milk protein and our irresistible coco-mango fragrance.   Order bath powder

Onolicious Tropical Manicure

See our Onolicious Tropical Spa Manicure collection here.
Mimosa Spa
The spa cocktail bar is open!  Sweet and slightly sassy citrus is balanced with a sweet hint of raspberry.  Our unique formulation includes milk protein and sugarcane extract to soften and condition your skin, while Epsom salts sooth away aches and pains.  The natural alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) in this unique soak have been shown to encourage smoother, younger looking skin by increasing the rate of cell renewal. Perfect beginning for a pedicure, manicure, or all-over body treatment.  Order bath powder

Mimosa Spa collection
Create your own home spa with our matching Sugar Scrub and Body Butter!

Make everyday a celebration as you soak in the scent of creamy goodness and sugar-frosted vanilla sweetness while the organic milk bath softens your skin.  Blow out the candles, eat all the frosting roses, and party 'til the cows come home!    Keep the party going with our matching lotion, sugar scrub, and spa shampooOrder bath powder

Vanilla Chai
Inspired by a traditional Indian and Nepalese blend of tea with rich, warming spices.  Using Woozle Magic TM we transform this exotic and heavenly potion into aromatic products designed to bring tranquility and peace to your daily bathing rituals.  A complex blend of vanilla, clove, cinnamon, cardamom and black pepper soothe and pamper you from head to toe.   Say ahhh, and don't drink the bath water!  Order bath powder

See the rest of our Chai line!

After Yoga
Slip into something comfortable after yoga:  Effervescent Attitude Adjustment in a therapeutic bath powder with Epsom salts and essential oils of ginger, lavender, and sweet orange.  Leave your baggage outside the bathroom door.  Add a few scoops of our fizzy bath powder to your tub, and it dissolves innocently as you soak up its magical power. Essential oils and salts soothe your skin and tired muscles and provide therapy for your mind.  Repeat as needed.    Order bath powder

Lotus Yoga collection

More of our Lotus Yoga Collection is available here.
Chocolate Mint Fizzy Kiss
An extra special kiss to share or keep to yourself.  A deliciously scented blend of dark chocolate and peppermint essential oil, this treat includes shea butter and milk protein to soften and condition your skin, while Epsom salts sooth away aches and pains.  Each kiss is approximately 3 ounces and comes in its very own special "take out" box (designs vary).  $6.00 each  Order a kiss


Chocolate Mint Truffle Fizzy Foot Soak
Specially formulated for our spa pedicure line!  Renewing and soothing, with no calories. And a fine way to leave the day's troubles in your dust.  Sink into our effervescent and decadent chocolate mint-scented hydrotherapy, with natural AHAs for smoother skin, softening milk protein, Epsom salts and pure essential oils to refresh and deodorize your tired tootsies.  Indulge, and repeat as needed. Order bath powder
Mint Mocha Pedicure
See our Mint Mocha Pedicure collection here.

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10 -14 ounce (weight) jar with scoop, $12.00
After Yoga   Hawai'ian Honey  
Chocolate Mint Truffle South Pacific
Cupcake Mimosa
Tahiti Rose Margarita
Onolicious Vanilla Silk
You're the Bomb Vanilla Chai
Chocolate Decadence Love Notes
Coconut Lime Milk Soak Fizzy Kiss
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Therapeutic Himalayan Pink Mineral Salts

50% of the profits from sales of our Himalayan Pink Mineral Salts will be donated to breast cancer research.  Feel good about feeling good!

From ancient sea beds high in the Himalayas, this natural salt comes to you completely unrefined, essentially pure and free of contaminants and pollutants.  Himalayan salt crystals have traditionally been used as a holistic treatment for detoxification and stress reduction, as well as healing dry, damaged and irritated skin, muscle soreness, and joint pain. The high iron content gives shades of subtle pink color, and it is rich in 84 other elements and minerals including Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Iodine, Zinc and Sodium. 

100% pure, food-grade therapeutic mineral salt.  They are called the cleanest salt available on earth.  Our salts are unscented for complete hydrotherapy purity and bliss.

Order now!  1.2 lbs (.54 kg), $18.76 
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SpaTherapy Mineral Salt Bath
with Dead Sea Salts

Detox Bath Soak

Our blend of powerful healing and therapeutic nutrients is known to detoxify, relieve muscle aches and pains, reduce stress, and restore healthy skin. This exclusive bath treatment is brimming with vitamins, antioxidants, organic kelp, and essential oils designed to cleanse  and renew your body.

Order now!  1.75 lbs (.79 kg), $21.50 
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