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Mix them all together, and you get Wild Woozle body treatments, scrubs, lotions, soaps, massage bars, bath fizzies, & massage oils -- hand-crafted tropical spa products to relax, renew, and rejuvinate you.
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Baby Woozle TM
Nurturing from the beginning.

Everything that touches your baby is carefully chosen, and our Baby Woozle products are no exception!  We've selected the finest organic herb-infused oils, traditionally used for soothing and comforting, and combined them with natural lanolin to protect and moisturize delicate skin.

Pregnant women and new mothers also need a little care and special treatment.  Our natural products are designed to revitalize you, so you can concentrate on enjoying your baby.


Baby Woozle Oil, 2 fluid ounce bottle, $13.00: Massaging your baby promotes deeper bonding, improves sleep, relieves colic, and is a true sensual pleasure for both you and your baby.  Use this gentle oil as part of your massage ritual or as an after bath moisturizer.  Our unscented*, natural oil has no chemical or animal additives. We carefully blend apricot kernel oil, organic calendula oil, and Vitamin E for the perfect, gentle massage oil.  Order Baby Woozle

Tushie Cream, .85 ounce tin, $9.00: Even the most carefully cared for tushies can get a little red and irritated now and then.  Our gentle, natural and unscented* Tushie Cream will soothe that cute little bottom in a hurry.  Great for other boo boos, too.  Organic oils of plantain, calendula, and comfrey heal your baby's tender skin, and the natural lanolin adds a rich, protective and emollient barrier.  A little goes a long way.  Order Baby Woozle

Baby Woozle Shampoo & Body Wash, 8.5 fluid ounce bottle, $16.00: This sulfate-free, pH balanced formula is perfect for your baby's sensitive skin and soft hair. It is naturally scented with organic lavender flower water and chamomile essential oils for a calming bath.  Our natural body wash is made without TEA's, DEA's, MEA's, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES) or Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate (ALS).

Duck washing mitt is available separately, $4.99.

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Welcome Baby Collection, $43.50: Our welcoming package includes necessities for the new bundle at a discount!  Our Baby Woozle Shampoo and Body wash, Baby Woozle Oil, Tushie Cream, Lavender Dream soap, and our Duckie washing mitt, all packaged together in a cute, felt duckie gift bag with a gift tag.  Oh, and a discount to sweeten the deal.

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*Many people don't want their tiny babies exposed to artificial fragrances or even natural essential oils until they're several months old, so our Baby Woozle oil and cream are unscented.

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Baby Woozle Oil Tushie Cream
Welcome Baby Collection Shampoo & Body Wash
Duckie washing mitt
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Mandarin & Green Tea Belly Butter, 1.6 ounce jar, $12.00: This thick, nourishing butter absorbs quickly and completely, leaving your skin incredibly soft and delicately scented with our uplifting citrus essential oil blend.  Enriched with antioxidant green tea extract, our luxurious shea and hydrating mango butter crème restores and nourishes your skin.  Jojoba and Evening Primrose oils, Vitamins E and C, along with botanical extracts help create a rich, penetrating crème high in essential fatty acids, essential for helping skin retain elasticity.  Bottom line?  Your tummy will stop feeling tight and itchy--oh yeah!  Paraben-free!  Order Baby Woozle

Oh Baby! Belly Oil, 2 fluid ounce bottle, $12.00: Oh, this is great stuff!  Kiss that tight, itchy feeling goodbye for good when you smooth on this nourishing concoction.  Apricot kernel oil, grapeseed oil, rose hip seed oil, wheat germ oil, hemp seed oil, and Vitamin E with the soothing essential oils of lavender, palmarosa, and tangerine.  Sometimes it just feels good to be so good to yourself!  Order Baby Woozle

Labor of Love Massage Oil, 2 fluid ounce bottle, $11.00: Here at Wild Woozle, we're always in favor of massage, and the benefits of massage throughout labor are especially wonderful.  Jasmine is said to give you strength and courage; nutmeg eases aches and pains; frankincense encourages relaxation; clary sage is uplifting; and tangerine provides gentle energy.  Of course, you may like this oil so much that you'll want to use it later.  We won't blame you a bit!  Order Baby Woozle

Nipple Cream, .85 ounce tin, $10.50: Don't let sore nipples discourage you from breastfeeding!  Use this soothing cream to help prevent and soothe dry, cracked, and sore nipples, so that you can enjoy nurturing and nursing your baby.  Also great for other boo boos.  Organic calendula and comfrey oils heal and soothe, while natural lanolin provides protective, moisturizing relief.  Order Baby Woozle

New Mother Sitz Bath, package of 4, $10.00: This soothing herbal sitz bath is designed to aid healing and provide relief for sore muscles, swelling, and perineal tears following birth.  (Great for hemorrhoids, too!)  Our bath tea is already measured and packaged in four giant teabags; there's no extra work required!  (You have enough to think about.)  Order Baby Woozle

Great Expectations Pregnancy Package, $36.00: A little pampering for the Mama-to-be.  This popular collection includes You're the Bomb Fizzy Hydrotherapy bath powder, Lavender Dream soap, Oh Baby Belly Oil. This gift collection is packaged together in a cute, felt duckie gift bag with a gift tag and a discount to boot!

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Lady in Waiting Pregnancy Package, $49.00: It's all about the Mama, at least for a little while longer.  This luxurious collection includes Renewal Soap, Renewal After Bath Oil, Ancient Hawaiian Belly Rub, Cooling Foot & Leg Spray. This gift collection is also packaged in our cute, felt duckie gift bag with a gift tag and a nice discount!

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New Mama Collection, $46.00: We put together the things a New Mama needs, except more sleep.  Our package includes Nipple Cream, Lavender Aromatherapy Room & Linen spray, Lavender Lussuria Hand & Body Lotion, and Pure (unscented) Lipbalm, all packaged together (at a discount!) in our cute, felt duckie gift bag with a gift tag.

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Oh, Baby Belly Oil Labor of Love Massage Oil Mandarin Belly Butter
Nipple Cream New Mother Sitz Bath New Mama Collection
Great Expectations Pregnancy Package Lady in Waiting Pregnancy Package
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