88 varieties of hedonism.
That breaks down to 16 parts indulgence,
25 parts pampering and 47 parts sheer, unadulterated bliss.
Mix them all together, and you get Wild Woozle body treatments, scrubs, lotions, soaps, massage bars, bath fizzies, & massage oils -- hand-crafted tropical spa products to relax, renew, and rejuvinate you.
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Soie de TahitiTM
silken body oil

Slip into something comfortable, but be warned.
This regenerative and moisturizing body oil features the exotic, addictive scent of Monoi de Tahiti and the penetrating nourishment of Passionfruit Seed Oil.  Our exclusive formulation, inspired by rich Polynesian culture and precious traditional ingredients, combines a unique modern delivery with the dangerously sensual afterglow of seductive fragrance.  Smooth the oil over your skin, like fluid silk, and be transported.  This distinctive body oil offers discriminating beauty and spa enthusiasts a combination of nourishing natural ingredients with the soul-stirring fragrance of Tahitian gardenia.

2 ounce bottle, $24.99

Soie de Tahiti silken body oil
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Soie de Tahiti
                silken body oil
South Pacific Beauty
                Oil Our South Pacific Beauty Oil was among the top finalists in an international formulation competition, conducted by the Institut du Monoļ de Tahiti, in France. We're so proud!! 

South Pacific Tropical Beauty Oil
Exotic bath, body, and massage oil
We take Monoi de Tahiti and combine it with the most moisturizing and nourishing exotic oils in the Pacific.  The seductive fragrance of Tahitian gardenia in our Monoi de Tahiti, along with kukui nut oil, macadamia nut oil,  virgin coconut oil, and vitamin E make up this versatile oil.  Use it directly on your skin after a bath or shower, add a few drops to your bath, or try it for massage.  Some of our customers use it as a light, exotic perfume.  A little goes a long way!

As those not on a tropical island may have noticed, our fabulous oil naturally solidifies in cool climates.  Just place the container in hot water to liquefy.  We offer a choice of either bottles (for squeezing) or jars (for scooping).

4 ounce Bottle, $17.50

South Pacific Tropical Beauty Oil
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See the rest of our South Pacific Collection

Onolicious Cuticle Balm
Just what your hands have been begging for.

We've improved our formulation, and the result is getting great reviews!  This new cuticle balm is a nourishing blend of mango oil, papaya oil, tangerine butter, Monoi de Tahiti, passionfruit seed oil, shea butter, banana extract, and our popular coco-mango Onolicious scent.  Brush on to pamper and soothe your cuticles with the pen-style applicator, and discover for yourself what all the fuss is about!

2 ml pen $10.50

Onolicious Cuticle Balm
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Take a look at the complete Onolicious Tropical Manicure.
Onolicious cuticle balm


Wild Woozle's Exotic Massage Oils

If you're a serious chocolate lover
(or you know one that you'd like to rub), 
your ship has come in.

Absolute Passion Massage Oil
Sensual cocoa absolute, sweet orange, and soothing sandalwood essential oils in an exotic massage oil.  A cocktail of rare tropical oils, including passionfruit seed and virgin coconut oil, fragranced with the seductive scent of cocoa beans and ripe oranges will show you why this is known as an almost dangerous aphrodisiac.
2 fl ounces, $9.80   Order

Intrigue Massage Oil
Rich, dark chocolate and pure lavender essential oil meet in this lovely massage oil of apricot kernel and grapeseed oils, a seductive blend rumored to have been created by Josephine for Napoleon.  Make some history of your own.   2 fl ounces, $7.00  Order

Espresso Truffle Massage Oil
Sweet dark chocolate and Italian espresso carefully blended in perfect proportions for this luxurious massage oil potion of apricot kernel and grapeseed oils.  All pleasure, no calories.  Ready for a little after dinner treat?  2 fl ounces, $7.00  Order

Looking for an exotic massage experience? Try our internationally recognized South Pacific Oil .

Absolute Passion Massage Oil
Intrigue Massage Oil
Espresso Truffle Massage Oil
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Renewal After Bath Oil
Luxurious and nourishing moisture for after shower or bath. This soothing oil soaks in quickly, leaving your skin smooth and lightly scented with sweet honey, milk and oatmeal.
Renewal After Bath Oil
A soothing and unique juxtapostion of familiarity and new beginnings.  This nourishing body oil is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and antioxidants for radiant, healthy skin.   Give yourself the gift of Renewal in this revitalizing blend of rice bran and grapeseed oils, scented with our popular oatmeal, milk and honey combination.
Available in 8.5 fl ounces, $16.00  Order

For more of this fabulous fragrance, try Renewal Lotion and Renewal Soap.

Renewal After Bath Oil
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Aromatherapy Sprays
Bring the power of aromatherapy to your skincare and your living space.
Room and linen spray is available in 8.5 ounces; our hydrating face and body mists are available in 2.2 ounces and a take-everywhere 9.5 ml spritzer.

available in natural blends of
Lavender, Cucumber, Pink Grapefruit, and Peppermint

 also available in
Pink Lemonade, Surfer Chick and Lilac fragrances

Cucumber Moisturizing Spray

This perfectly refreshing all natural moisturizing spray and facial toner is infused with pure Cucumber Hydrosol. With natural anti-inflammatory properties, this toner closes the pores, adjusts the pH of the skin, and removes any remaining cleanser or dirt from the skin.

Keep your skin hydrated throughout the day, during air travel, hot weather, and any time your skin needs a boost.

Available in 8 oz spray $21.99, 2 oz spray $9.99 and portable .33 oz spray $4.99 Order

       The rising star of our Sea of the Moon Skincare System.

Peppermint Cooling Foot & Leg Spray
Our refreshing and cooling peppermint mist revives and stimulates overheated, overworked, or just tired tootsies while nourishing your skin with natural, botanical extracts.  Perfect for travel, after work outs, or at the end of a long day.  Available in 8.5 oz $13.59, 2 oz spray $9.99 and portable .33 oz spray $4.99 Order

       This spray is part of our exclusive Mint Mocha Pedicure.

Wild Woozle Soap Company is proud to support breast cancer research with our donations of Sweet Feet Peppermint Foot lotion and Cooling Foot and Leg Spray, from our Mint Mocha Pedicure Collection, for fundraising and for participants in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life.
Join the fight!  Make a donation at the ACS website.

Lavender Aromatherapy Linen & Room Spray
Surround yourself with the fresh, relaxing scent of French Lavender essential oil, well known for its ability to ease stress and tension.  Create your own sanctuary with our aromatherapy spray. Use on your pillow, bedlinens, and hairbrush, throughout your home, and anywhere you want the relaxing and balancing aromatherapy benefits of pure lavender.   Available in 8.5 oz $19.75   Order

Lavender Hydrating Mist, for face and body
Calming, centering, and refreshing, as well as a great way to stay cool and relaxed.  A great way to hydrate your skin during hot weather, air travel, and any time your skin needs a boost.  This unique treatment nourishes your skin with our exclusive formulation of Vitamin A, Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B), silk protein, and pure lavender essential oil.  Lavender has also been shown to be helpful and balancing during hot flashes!   Available in 2 oz spray $9.99 and portable .33 oz spray $4.99      Order

Pink Lemonade Refreshment
Use this sweet and sassy mist to revive and refresh while hydrating your skin with the essence of summer. 

Vitamin B5 and silk protein nourishes and hydrates your skin throughout the day, during air travel, hot weather, and any time your skin needs a boost.  Available in 2 oz spray $9.99 and portable .33 oz spray $4.99 Order

       Perfect for layering with our Pink Lemonade Body Creme.

Pink Grapefruit Hydrating Mist, for face and body
Treat yourself to the cheerful, refreshing scent of pink grapefruit essential oil.  Hydrate your skin during hot weather, air travel or when you need to adjust your attitude.  This nourishing spray includes Sandalwood Hydrosol and botanical extracts including Coffee and Black Willow.  But here's an interesting little tidbit:  a recent study showed that, in the presence of the scent of pink grapefruit essential oil, a man would guess that a woman is about five years younger than she actually is.   Hmmm...  We're not promising anything, but tell me that's not a fascinating bit of science.Available in 2 oz spray $9.99 and portable .33 oz spray $4.99 Order

Surfer Chick Hydrating Face & Body Mist
Hydrate and nourish your salty, sun-baked or tired skin with silk protein and panthenol (Vitamin B5).  Spray on our after-ocean refresher anywhere you want the sweet scent of pure honey and grapefruit nectar and refreshing botanical extracts.  Available in 2.2 oz $9.99 and portable .33 oz sprays $4.99  Order

Lilac Obsession
If you love lilac, fear not!  This is the real deal.  Clean, fresh, just enough sweet, and pure Spring. 

    Lilac Obsession Hydrating Mist, for face and body, A fragrant combination of fresh lilac and the tiniest bit of sweet orange to nourish and hydrate your skin throughout the day, during air travel, hot weather, and any time your skin needs a boost.  Available in 2 oz spray $9.99 and portable .33 oz spray $4.99 Order

    Lilac Obsession Linen & Room Spray, Create a stress-less sanctuary with this evocative scent and surround yourself with the true fragrance of Spring.   Available in 8.5 oz $15.99  Order

       Find Lilac Obsession Soap in our Luxury Soap Collection.

Cucumber Toner, .33 oz
Pink Grapefruit Hydrating Mist, .33 oz
Cucumber Toner, 2 oz   Pink Grapefruit Hydrating Mist, 2 oz
Cucumber Toner, 8.5 oz   Lavender Hydrating Mist, .33 oz
Lavender Aromatherapy Linen Spray
Lavender Hydrating Mist, 2 oz
Lilac Linen Spray
Cooling Foot & Leg Spray, .33 oz
Lilac Hydrating Mist, 2 oz
Cooling Foot & Leg Spray, 8.5 oz
Lilac Hydrating Mist, .33 oz/9.5 ml
Cooling Foot & Leg Spray, 2 oz
Surfer Chick Hydrating Mist, 2.2 oz

Surfer Chick Hydrating Mist, .33 oz 

Pink Lemonade Hydrating Mist, 2.2 oz

Pink Lemonade Hydrating Mist, .33 oz

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